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We are very excited to finally have our blog up and running and to tell you all the exciting things on the go. We hope that you can take the time to browse our blog weekly and learn how to incorporate music & wellbeing practices into every day routines. In this blog you will also find the latest information for Australian Early Childhood and Primary Education Professionals.

Posted on 4 October 2012


– Thursday 11 October, 2012 at 7.30pm

Every October Bonkers Beat holds an evening event where we share with parents and fellow educators our philosophy, age appropriate programs and how our program uniquely ties the national curriculum with music and wellbeing every day to enhance learning, socialisation and enjoyment.

This year’s open night will be held on:

Thursday 11 October from 7.30pm at

Bonkers Beat Music Kinder & Childcare Aspendale

(49 Laura Street, Aspendale)

All parents, past, present and future are welcome as are any educators. Supper will be provided and with only a few places left for 2013  in the centre, don’t miss this opportunity.

Please confirm your attendance by contacting the kinder on 03 9587 8786.

Childcare Queensland 2012 National Conference – Hands Up For The Future

The conference was held from the 14th until the 16th September and was in the iconic Jupiters Casino.

The speakers were fantastic as were the wide range of exhibitors and the networking opportunities were second to  none. From the wonderfully fun Friday night function to the Saturday night dinner and both days of speakers and exhibitors in between, there were many great opportunities to meet other educators, and attendees were presented with a variety of platforms for sharing ideas and networking.

Bonkers Beat had the pleasure of sponsoring one of the prizes presented during the conference – a 3 hour customised professional development training session for all staff. Congratulations to Ronda from the Ormiston Preschool & Childcare Centre in Brisbane. Galina is looking forward to meeting everyone at the centre.

Huge thanks go to Gwynn, CEO of CQ, Jen, Julie and all others at CQ for such a great conference.

Father’s and Special Person’s Breakfast 

With Father’s Day occuring in September, we found the perfect occasion to celebrate our wonderful fathers and special people at the Bonkers Beat Music Kinder and Childcare Aspendale.

It was such fun and the children loved making their dads and others feel very special.

Posted on 5 September 2012 – Bonkers Beat by Cherish ELC, Ballarat

Cherish ELC has become the latest service to join the fast growing Bonkers Beat family by implementing the Music Program as part of their curriculum.

Galina has been overwhelmed with the staff and management reception and engagement during the training session.




The highlight of the trip to Ballarat for Galina and Bonkers was making music with all the children from the centre.

We look forward to an exciting journey with all educators, family and community from Cherish ELC and look forward to supporting them and enriching the service with the program going forward.


Beyond Tomorrow: The 2012 ECMS Conference

Congratulations to the ECMS team for organising such a rich and informative conference. All of the educators enjoyed a wide range of outstanding presenters, great exhibition and delicious food. The conference took place in the most iconic venue of Melbourne, the Convention Centre.

It gave educators a wonderful sense of belonging and achievement to have a venue of such high calibre host this amazing conference.




All participants were  inspired by the determination  shown by Jacqueline Pascarl, bestselling author and former islamic royal princess, humanitarian aid worker, activist for children who are victims of kidnapping and a mother of four.

This year Bonkers Beat was honoured to sponsor the ECMS Leadership Award for Empowering Families which was awarded to Belinda Timpano from the Mossfiel Children’s Centre in Hoppers Crossing, VIC.

Galina and Bonkers look forward to meeting all educators at Mossfiel Children’s Centre on 8 October to support their service with their improvements.

Melbourne Montessori School

Over the past year, a friendship and mutual interest in sharing their philosophies with each other has grown and developed.

Bonkers and Galina were thrilled to deliver a session as part of Montessori’s staff meeting, where all educators were engaged in music making and shared ideas for the development of their practice

Posted on 13 August 2012 – Bonkers Beat Aspendale, Annual Staff Retreat

Every year all educators at Bonkers Beat get together for a working retreat where they can brainstorm and share ideas, have fun, relax, learn new songs, yoga poses, play games and just enjoy being together…

So much to do, so much to learn, so much to share…

Grandparents & a Special Friend Day  – 7th August

It was lovely to see so many grandparents and friends coming to the Bonkers Beat Music Kinder to share an afternoon with their grandchildren and families.


Not only Grandparents, friends, families, but even gorgeous Rolly, the dog, had lots of fun and loved being with children. Everyone was spoiled with a lovely afternoon tea, enjoyed singing, dancing with Bonkers the Monkey, playing in the jungle and watching an outstanding presentation by young talented 4 yr kinder actors!




Now we can’t wait to see all Fathers and children’s Special Friends for a Father’s Day Breakfast on Wednesday 29th August…

Posted on 7 August 2012

Paddingtons Early Childhood Centre

What a fantastic night we had on 16th July making music, singing and dancing with educators from Paddingtons Kinder and Child Care, a lovely centre located in Chirnside Park in Melbourne.

It was another fun night for Galina and Bonkers, and we enjoyed seeing the enthusiam from all the staff who were involved in the session.

Maroubra Junction Early Education Centre

Thank you to Lauren for inviting Galina to run a workshop with her staff and for the warm reception.


Bonkers was so excited to not only meet educators, but one of the educator’s children as well.

For both the children and Bonkers it was love at first sight. Bonkers loved Maroubra so much that he didn’t want to join Galina on the trip back home.


Child Care New South Wales (CCNSW)

We could not believe that after such a long day working with children, that there was so much energy left from the educators to participate in the Bonkers Beat music workshop!

Galina and Bonkers were so touched that some educators had an opportunity to see Galina at the EYEC Conference in Sydney, March 2012 and came back again for a second session. These attendees sang along and knew all the words to the Bonkers Beat songs.
A big thank you to CCNSW for inviting Galina and Bonkers to work with you, and we know they are looking forward to their next visit.

Posted on 9 July 2012

Upcoming Events

Incorporating Performing Arts in the Early Years Curriculum

Venue: Parramatta RSL, Sydney, NSW

Date: Monday 23 July from 6.30 – 8.30 pm

Improving the Quality of Education Programs and Relationships between staff, children and families. Recommended for Early Childhood Educators, Staff and Parents.

For more information, please visit Child Care New South Wales HERE

Harmony Night to Warm Your Heart

Venue: Bonkers Beat Aspendale, 49 Laura Street, Aspendale, VIC

Date: Wednesday 25 July 2012 from 7.30 – 9.00pm

An opportunity for parents, educators and friends to learn how to implement music and wellbeing practices with children to enhance bonding and build healthy habits for a happy life.

Recommended for parents, early childhood educators and primary teachers.

This fabulous FREE workshop is limited to 40 people only.  Not to be missed!

To book a place please email aspendale@bonkersbeat.com.au or

call Bonkers Beat Music Kinder Aspendale on 9587 8786 by Tuesday 24 July 2012.

Posted on 1 July 2012

Open Day – Bonkers Beat Aspendale

What a lovely day we had for our Open Day on Saturday 23rd June, the sun shone and everyone was able to enjoy the sausage sizzle, jumping castle, yoga session and music with Bonkers the Monkey.

         We enjoyed showing people from far and wide our centre and the educational philosophy for which Bonkers Beat is renowned.

We were happy to welcome educators from other centres on the day in addition to the existing and new families.

Posted on 29 June 2012

Early Years Exhibition & Conference Melbourne 2012

Venue: Melbourne Showgrounds, Epsom Rd, Ascot Vale

Thank you to everyone who attended the School Resources Expo and Early Years Exhibition and Conference on 15 & 16 June.

The Bonkers Beat stand was an exciting place to be. We had so many visitors coming to speak to us to discover what Bonkers Beat was all about and what differentiates us from all other market offerings.


Our dedication to Music and Wellbeing for EVERY CHILD…EVERY DAY really set us apart from those offering once a week classes. By implementing Music and Wellbeing in everyday activities, each service has the opportunity to improve their NQS rating and raise the quality of educational programs, relationships with children and collaborative partnerships with families and communities.

The video playing on the screen had a great reaction from those who had seen our presentations in the past, and engaged all those new to our message.

Galina and Bonkers were invited to present to the attendees on Saturday and had great fun injecting some energy and excitement into the expo.

Thank you to all those who came to our presentation on Saturday. We hope you had as much fun as we did.


To check the program for the EYEC Melbourne 2012 and for more information follow this LINK.

Posted on 9 June 2012

2012 Early Childhood Education Conference Melbourne

This year’s Early Childhood Education Conference “Together we Grow” was another huge success.

Congratulations to the teams from KPV and Gowrie Victoria for putting together such a vibrant event. The sessions were bursting with new ideas presented by experts in early childhood education.

For the second year in a row, Galina and Bonkers presented “Learning through Music and Dance”, an inspiring look at musical education with new ideas and innovation to support the NQS and EYLF. In addition to the many participants who returned to see us for a second year, there were many new participants who joined in creating an energetic atmosphere.  The reception was incredible and we were overwhelmed by the positive feedback.

Welcome to everyone who joined the “Sing and Stretch” club after our presentation.

If you didn’t have a chance to visit us at the conference, please check the website http://togetherwegrow.com.au/

http://www.togetherwegrow.com.au/2012program.html where you can read the presentations that were presented throughout the 2 days. We also recommend you check the Early Childhood Care and Education website developed by Griffith University http://www.ecceleadership.org.au/

Posted in May 2012

Learning through Music at Gowrie Victoria, Docklands

The day was packed with singing, dancing, music and fun. Throughout the day we had opportunities to discuss and discover the current challenges in the early childhood environment and find ways for us to implement music in daily routines.


Many educators expressed their concern at a lack of age appropriate materials that are easy to implement on a daily basis. In addition, what was available did not fill their current needs. More educators love music and are keen to increase their personal confidence in delivering music as an integral part of the EYLF.


The discussion turned to ways music and movement can reflect and support the NQS and EYLF rather than act as a stand alone platform.

Shifa Family Day Care

What a wonderful new experience this was for Galina and Bonkers meeting Somalian Educators from Shifa Family Day Care Scheme.


Coming from Russia 20 years ago, Galina used her personal experience to illustrate how music can break through the language barrier and help children and adults learn a new language through an enjoyable medium.

                 Posted in April 2012

Harmony Nights at Bonkers Beat Music Kinder, Aspendale

Over the years we have been working tirelessly to engage our parents and families in our Bonkers Beat programs.


The Harmony Nights were a huge success, taking our relationship with parents to another level, allowing them to understand the kinder philosophy and giving them opportunities to implement our music and wellbeing programs in their everyday lives with their families.

 Posted on 31st  March 2012

Follow the Child through Musical Play –

Early Years Exhibition & Conference Sydney 2012 – 17 & 18th March 2012

At first, I thought that it would be just a short trip to Sydney, but it turned out to be an amazing three days packed with excitement and unforgettable experiences.

The Expo and the whole Early Years Conference in Sydney this year was a great success and I would like to extend my congratulations to the management and team of Exhibitions Group, CCNSW and all of YOU, participants who made it possible!

More than 230 people were booked came to learn how to Follow the Child through Musical Play and many could not get in as the room was overcrowded…

Bonkers was  in the middle of everybody’s attention, but he truly enjoyed making music with all lovely educators from NSW and had lots of fun!




The presentation was filled with fun, singing, dancing, storytelling, but one of the main focuses of the session was to share practical ideas and show how a music program can support National Quality Standards and Early Years Learning Framework.

Over the last two weeks I have been receiving a large number of emails with lovely comments and positive feedback about my session. I am also thrilled to see so much interest in learning more about music and how to implement it  in children’s services and schools.

“…Galina, I agree with you about music and movement and how it helps to develop the child’s brain. Your session was the best training I’ve ever had in my life…Hope you will accept the invitation to our centre to introduce your programs.” – Dorota Szarzanowicz, Marayong NSW

“…Speechless… just amazing! Inspirational – want all Tasmanian educators to have same opportunity to learn from you…” – Patricia Reid, Tasmania

Thank you again for your enthusiasm, commitment to early childhood and belief in music!

Sunshine Kids Camperdown, Sydney – 16th March 2012

Presenting at the EYEC 2012 was lots of fun…

But the whole trip begun with ‘Learning through Music’ Professional Development workshop for educators at Camperdown Sunshine Kids, Sydney.

Friday night can be very challenging for a professional development…, however all educators were so enthusiastic and keen to learn that it made it easy and enjoyable to present. Everyone was professional, friendly, active and happy to sing and dance non stop.


Connecting and contributing to the world can be taught and achieved through music.

If staff had so much fun…children will love it too!

Creating a music program that reflects and supports the NQS Quality Area and all five Outcomes of EYLF is not so difficult. We just need to remember to use highly educational and age appropriate material and be creative in a way how we deliver the program to children.

The workshop at Sunshine Kids has proven again and again that all early childhood educators are enthusiastic about new ideas and want to learn more practical tools.

Very often all Five Outcomes from the Early Years Learning Framework can be covered in one musical experience!

Music is not only helping children improve their social skills, concentration, speech, language, listening skills, gross motor and fine motor skills, co-operation and team work, patience, imagination, self-esteem, acceptance, memory, spatial intelligence, sense of beat, rhythm, singing, playing instruments, appreciation and love of music, multicultural and social identity. Music helps children AND ADULTS develop a strong sense of wellbeing. Music is powerful! Music is magic!

As you can see the trip was amazing! I am still receiving emails and invitations to come back to Sydney for more presentations, workshops and introduce Bonkers Beat Music & Wellbeing Programs in childcare centres, kinders and schools.

So, I hope to see you and many other lovely educators of NSW very soon…  

For more information about upcoming conferences and events with Galina and Bonkers the Monkey, join our ‘Sing & Stretch’ Club.


Posted on 3rd March 2012

Learning through Music

“The true beauty of music is that it connects people. It carries a message, and we, the musicians, are the messengers.” ~ Roy Ayers

…And I believe that every educator can be a musician and can implement music and songs in their kinder, childcare or school settings and use it EVERY DAY!

Look at these enthusiastic and “musical” staff from Monash Vale ELC where in February this year I was running “Learning through Music” workshop. All staff were very tired after a long day working with children, but as soon as they heard “Bonkers Beat’, they all gone bonkers…

Learning by doing with Bonkers is the best way to teach children and encourage them to tidy up at kinder, at home and slean up after them selves on streets and on a beach.

The night was full of dancing, singing, playing musical instruments and storytelling.

Everyone was having fun and danced their hearts out! Dancing with Bill was also fun and easy…

He knew how to move gracefully and truly enjoyed the “Waltz of the Week” with Bonkers and Galina.

It was a great session and all staff were AMAZING!

“…I love your work! Very impressive and I can’t wait to try this with children tomorrow! “ – Mursal Gudaz

Singing and dancing is not only good for children…

Making music helps all educators to connect and bond, release emotions and express themselves, to buid up confidence and have fun, but first of all to enrich their own lives and enjoy EVERY DAY!                                  Wellbeing Practices for Life

“Welcome a New Day” is a great way for children to start the day in the morning and this session can be used during family grouping time. It is recommended to run any yoga or stretching activities before breakfast or after rest or sleep time.

Any educator can run this session.

But to run it successfully, you need to remember to:

  • Keep the session simple
  • Use clear instructions
  • Make it exciting & fun
  • Keep it achievable & age appropriate
  • Make it educational & stimulating

To support every child in achieving learning outcomes it is extremely important to assess and monitor children’s learning and to have:

  • Written programming for the group & each child
  • Written evaluations & reflections of the program
  • Observation of children’s interests & extension of their experiences
  • Discussions with older children & implementation of their ideas
  • Invitation to parents to participate, contribute & evaluate

Please ask me any questions and enjoy learning and growing together with children.

Swami Sarasvati said:

“Instead of just putting years onto your life, put life into your years.”

Weekly News for Early Childhood (Australian based framework, EYLF)

ACECQA 2012!

Australian Children’s Education and Care Quality Authority has been online since January 2012 and has various materials available to download as well as recently released – Supervisor Certificate Forms and Quality Improvement Plans. Click here

Don’t be shy, have an adventure and explore! Check out the entire website! Click here

In Home Care and Occasional Care News!

DEEWR has extended the closing date for those wishing to apply for In Home Care and Occasional Care places, the closing date is now Friday March 30th 2012.

For further information and application forms click here

Did you know that you can shop with Early Childhood Australia?

Early Childhood Australia offers an online shopping feature! That includes Books, Subscriptions and Memberships! Click here to view that various products available! Ebay- eat your heart out!

Registrations are now open for – 2012 K-2 Conference Connected Learning-United in Play

This year, speakers include Lilian Katz, Professor Emerita at the University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign, Kathy Walker, a Melbourne-based educational consultant who conducts a range of professional development programs throughout Australia and child psychologist Louise Porter.

To register or find out more click here

18th February 2012

Wellbeing Practices for Life

‘…Always aim at complete harmony of thought and word and deed.

Always aim at purifying your thoughts and everything will be well.’ – Mahatma Gandhi

Hi, My name is Galina and today I would like to tell you a bit more about the Bonkers Beat ‘Welcome a New Day’ Session.

This is an approximately 30 minute wellbeing practice which combines a range of activities such as: storytelling, positive affirmations, breathing exercises, group bonding, energising routine and much more.

At our Bonkers Beat Music Kinder & Childcare centre we encourage all staff to use yoga and meditation techniques in their personal daily routines so that they can experience for themselves the benefits of this ancient art.  By implementing wellbeing practices, all teachers enrich their own lives as well as children’s.

What are the benefits of Yoga & Meditation?

Yoga and Meditation are timeless and holistic systems of practices for creating health and balancing the body, mind & spirit. Through yoga we become more conscious of our own bodies, gain flexibility, good coordination, self-control, focus and concentration.

Through breathing exercises and positive affirmations children and staff learn to stay positive, healthy, happy and believe in themselves.

Meditation helps us to explore our inner world, to focus and connect our mind and body. By training our mind and our thoughts in a positive way we will achieve long lasting peace and harmony within ourselves.

I strongly believe that wellbeing practices are a very important tool which children can build up and carry into their adulthood. Once they have learned these skills, they can carry it into their everyday lives.

More information is coming up in the next post…

Stay tuned and send us your comments and thoughts… we would love to hear from you!

Weekly News for Early Childhood (Australian based framework, EYLF)

Fantastic Opportunity for an Early Childhood Professional!!

AJEC calls for new Committee Members-ECA is seeking to expand the AJEC committee for the Australasian Journal of Early Childhood. Committee members are ECEC specialists with at least a masters degree in the field and experience with research and academic publications. For more information about these positions, or to express your interest, please go to the AJEC website. Applications will close 25 February 2012.

EYLF PLP has released their newest informative video, Check It Out!

Latest video in the Talking about practice series, ‘Planning and documentation’, is now available–‘Planning and documentation’, the sixth video in the Talking about practice series is now available for viewing and download. In this three-part video, Heather Barnes speaks to three educators about how they implement all the steps of the planning cycle, despite working in different settings (Long Day Care, Preschool and Family Day Care) and in different parts of Australia (Vic, WA and Qld). Earlier videos in the series are available on the EYLF PLP website.

Support Clean Up Australia Day & Expand on your Kitchen Garden Experiences!!!

Clean Up Australia Day –Now is the time to register your service or school for Clean Up Australia Day 2012, held on 2 March. Click here for information on how to get involved in cleaning up a site near you. If your primary school has started a kitchen garden, installed a compost or worm farm, commenced a recycling or energy saving initiative or any kind of environmental project, make a short video about it to enter the Green Kids Award.

ACECQA website is now up and running- Information, Down loadable forms and more available now! Check it out !!!

Supervisor Certificate forms available from ACECQA—Information and application forms regarding Supervisor Certificates are now available from ACECQA. Depending on your situation, you may need the CS01 Application for Supervisor Certificate or the CS02 Request for Supervisor Certificate for Specified Class of Persons

10th February 2012

Learning through Music

The Bonkers Beat Philosophy is based on Five Main Principals:

1.        Respect for all people

2.        Respect for all animals & living  creatures

3.        Respect for all plants & nature

4.        Respect for kinder & personal belongings

5.        Respect for yourself

We believe that all these principals are vital for us to work, live together and take care of our planet.

You may discuss these important values at home and sing this song with your child or the whole family.

Song of the Week

“I Respect”  – (Tune of “Bingo”)

1. I love playing with my friends

And I look after them, so…

I respect my friends,

I respect my friends,

I respect my friends,

And that is good to do, Oh!

  1. I love books and I love toys

And I look after them, so…

I respect all things,

I respect all things,

I respect all things,

And that is good to do, Oh!

  1. I love dogs and I love cats

And other living creatures

I respect them all,

I respect them all,

I respect them all,

And that is good to do, Oh!

  1. I love trees and flowers too

And I look after them, so…

I respect all plants,

I respect all plants,

I respect them all,

And that is good to do, Oh!

Wellbeing Practices for Life

Yoga is recognised as a practice that promotes physical strength, flexibility, body awareness, balance and mental focus. Yoga also helps us to connect with ourselves, with society and with the planet.

Weekly News for Early childhood (Australian based framework, EYLF)

‘The nature of the two frameworks’

The Early Years Learning Framework and the Australian Curriculum have a great deal in common. Both take up the challenge of the Melbourne Declaration;
both respond to a rapidly changing world context; and both are underpinned by the belief that education has the power to transform the individual and society.

The Early Years Learning Framework is focused on learning and the role of the educator. It aims to guide the complex, interactive work of early childhood educators that enables particular kinds of learning and nurtures particular kinds of learners4. The framework therefore gives serious attention to essential elements of high-quality early childhood practice, including play-based pedagogies, strong relationships with children and families and intentional teaching.

On these foundations, the EYLF is structured around three interrelated elements: Principles, Practices and Learning Outcomes.

The EYLF (p. 19) identifies five Learning Outcomes as fundamental to the current and future wellbeing, engagement and success of young learners:

  • Children have a strong sense of identity
  • Children are connected with and contribute to their world
  • Children have a strong sense of wellbeing
  • Children are confident and involved learners
  • Children are effective communicators.

The five Learning Outcomes include dispositions towards learning that underpin engagement, and the knowledge, skills and understandings that are essential foundations for future learning success.

The Australian Curriculum has a similar mission to foster ‘successful, confident and creative learners and active and informed citizens’.

The Australian Curriculum is based on principles of entitlement and responsibility. It sets out what will be taught, what students need to learn and the expected quality of that learning (The Shape of the Australian Curriculum, v3.0, ACARA 2011, p. 10 16a, 16b):

The Australian Curriculum recognises the entitlement of each student to knowledge, understanding and skills that provide a foundation for successful and lifelong learning and participation in the Australian community.

The Australian Curriculum is presented as a continuum that makes clear to teachers what is to be taught across the years of schooling. It makes clear to students what they should learn and the quality of learning expected of them as they progress through school.

The Australian Curriculum has four major components:

• Curriculum content—learning area knowledge, skills and understanding

• General capabilities—sets of skills, behaviours and dispositions that apply across subject-based content

• Cross-curriculum priorities—selected because they represent key issues and opportunities relevant to the lives of young Australians now and in the future

• Achievement standards—a description of what students are typically able to understand and do at particular points in their schooling.




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