ARE YOU READY for 2012?

With 2011 in the rear view mirror, NOW is the time to be planning for 2012.

I know how quickly the new year will come, and in light of the new regulations, I would like to offer you MUSIC & WELLBEING Programs ( PAGE 1 & PAGE 2) which will help you to achieve the National Quality Standard (NQS) in your centre.

These programs will help you to save money, give you a sound point of difference and market advantage, but most importantly will help you to achieve better outcomes for children and a higher standard of service.

As the result of new changes in early childhood, we cannot rely any more on a “Music, Dance or Yoga Specialist” to come into the centre or kindergarten once a week for 30 minutes and deliver a program to a small group of children. We believe that all teaching staff can become confident and deliver the music & wellbeing programs to EVERY CHILD… EVERY DAY! So… you don’t need to look further!

Reply to  TODAY to take all stress away and make 2012 the most successful year for your centre.

Email us to find out more about the programs and why they are successful.

Galina is the author of the following publications:

  • “Bonkers Beat & You” CD
  • “Bonkers Beat & You” Book

  • “Bonkers Beat & Me” CD’s (Volume 1, 2 & 3)

  • “Bonkers Beat & Me” Books (Volume 1, 2 & 3)
  •  “Old Favourites with a Bonkers Twist” (Book 1 & 2)

  • “Old Favourites with a Bonkers Twist” (Picture Cards)
  • “Yoga with Bonkers the Monkey” (Yoga Cards & CD)\
  • “Magical Orchestra” (Meditation Story & CD)
  • “Bonkers & the Bird” (Meditation Story & CD)
  • “Floating Meditation” (Meditation Story & CD)

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Integrated Music & Wellbeing Programs

“…When Galina approached me with the Bonkers Beat Music Program, I was immediately impressed with the range of topics covered in the songs. The manual layout was very easy to follow. Her support, advice and training also enabled me to feel confident and comfortable about holding the music sessions on my own.

The feedback from the children and parents has been fantastic. The children love having the opportunity to learn to use instruments, feel the beat, sing and move to the songs. During the last few months I have seen great changes in the confidence levels of my children. The parents are telling me that their children are singing so much more at home and sharing their new found knowledge with them.

I believe that a good music program, such as Bonkers Beat, helps children development in many areas, particularly their language, and math’s skills along with their concentration and social skills.

I would highly recommend this program to other teachers. Remember you don’t have to be a musician to use this program. You just have to enjoy music and love to sing and be with children.” – Nina Lucas, Director / 4yo Teacher, Bentleigh West Kindergarten

The Bonkers Beat® philosophy, partnership with families, traditional and original material, clear curriculum structure, inclusion and support of gifted children, children with ASD (autistic) children or children with special needs makes this program unique and ensures consistency in lesson quality and the best learning outcomes. The teacher’s manuals, CD’s, song book, worksheets, coloured cards, pictures and teaching materials make teaching fun and easy.

Bonkers Beat® Music & Wellbeing Programs are available for kindergartens, child care centres and schools. The Teaching Kit includes a teacher’s manual, CD, song book, worksheets, coloured pictures and teaching materials to make learning fun and easy.

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The Bonkers Beat® Music Program is based on the highly-regarded teaching approach of Kodaly and Orff and integrates music, singing, dancing and the playing of percussion instruments throughout the entire curriculum. Specially designed art and craft projects are linked to the themes covered in songs and are used to support the curriculum and help children learn visually.

Bonkers Beat® makes learning a joy, but above all else it enhances children’s spatial intelligence, helping them to become better learners in the early years of their primary schooling.

Every teacher and assistant contributes to the development of all children through singing, movement and playing percussion instruments. All teaching staff are trained, confident and deliver music to EVERY CHILD… EVERY DAY!

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The Bonkers Gym® Wellbeing Program lays the foundation for children to develop into well balanced citizens of our society, encourages a partnership with families, the community and supports both gifted children and children with special needs.

It is a creative, engaging and educational program which combines music, poems, traditional yoga poses, meditation stories, games, imaginary play and positive affirmations. Families play an active role in supporting the wellbeing program at home and incorporating yoga and meditation exercises in their daily routines. Each family has their own Yoga, Meditation CD, receive yoga cards containing poems and images of yoga poses, which highlight the benefits of each pose learnt at kinder.

The Bonkers Gym® Wellbeing Program will help all educators to understand the benefits of sustainable wellbeing practices, to relate the sessions to EYLF and to become more confident and knowledgeable about incorporating yoga and meditation in everyday routines. Teachers will learn how to engage families and the community in the development of children’s well-being and promote healthy habits. All teachers enrich children’s lives as well as their own and deliver the wellbeing program EVERY DAY to EVERY CHILD!

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